A Message from 2015-2016 AWSCPA National President, Cynthia Cox

My name is Cynthia Cox and I am the new president of the national board.  Starting July 2015 we have made some significant changes to our Organization in order to provide value to our members.  First, we are excited to introduce our new national program that is a cross between a traditional mentoring relationship and a master mind group.  This program will establish groups based on a book written by Keith Ferrazzi, Who’s Got Your Back. The groups will be known as Lifeline groups and will be made up of our members across the US.  Since the groups are virtual using video conferencing software, you do not lose time traveling to a meeting.  The natural benefit to these groups is the opportunity to learn from other successful women CPAs not to mention to gain a few new girl friends.

The second significant change is the revamping of our structure.  We have always been a national organization, but now we have added a new layer to our structure, regions.  We have split the country into 5 regions so that all of our members have an opportunity to participate in live events.  If you are a member of the national organization, you will now become a member of the region in which you live.  This will provide an opportunity for members in other cities to have informal meetings like a “meet and greet” at a local restaurant or a “brown bag lunch” at a community center or an office conference room.  The best part of these informal meetings is that they are initiated through the national office with the help of local members.

Of course, the regional events will not take away from what our current affiliates are doing. Our affiliates are an important part of the national organization.  The regional events will enhance the work that the affiliates already do by providing live programming for members who do not have the benefit of an affiliate or do not want to deal with the formal structure of one.

These are just two of the exciting changes on the national front.  I am thrilled and honored to be your president and to lead such an amazing group of ladies that have volunteered to be on the national board.  Your voice is important.  Please feel free to contact me with your comments and questions.  I am sure all of the board members feel the same way, so let us know if we can better serve you.