Lifelines Program


AWSCPA annouLifelines Logonces the continuation of our new national Lifelines program that is a cross between a traditional mentoring relationship and a mastermind group.  Successful people surround themselves with people who inspire, challenge, motivate, and hold them accountable.  Our new lifeline program will provide the participants with a group of other women who can positively influence us professionally and personally.  The groups will be virtual so that you can interact with other women across the US by means of video conferencing.

“Great ladies with sound advice!  I look forward to our meetings and have grown as a person because of them.” -  Annette Williamson

“I have really enjoyed the Lifelines program.  It has indeed been a lifeline for me; a place to share excitement, questions and concerns with others who really understand and support me.  With such a busy work life, it’s been wonderful to have my Lifeline group to look forward to.” - Rolanda Jacobovitz

This program will establish groups based on a book written by Keith Ferrazzi, Who’s Got Your Back. The only cost of the program is the purchase of the book.

Upcoming program dates:

Tuesday Group – Tuesdays at 1 pm EST:
October 25th
November 22th
December 20th
January 17th
February 7th


Thursday Group – Thursdays at 7 pm EST:
October 20th
November 17th
December 8th
January 12th
February 2nd


Monday Group – Mondays at 7 pm EST:
October 24th
November 21st
December 12th
January 16th
February 6th


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Thoughts from a Lifelines participant:

"Like other small business groups, Lifelines participants share common interests. Unlike other groups, our Lifelines cohorts are comprised of women who not only share common interests, but do so in a very unique way. While groups within other organizations share a common denominator, AWSCPA Lifelines participants rise a level above in that we have a vested interest in one another. Our Lifelines cohorts have a genuine interest in the success of the other women in the group. While other small business groups have a common goal which is to succeed as a small business, our Lifelines goals run much deeper. We share a genuine interest in the success of each member of our group, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Each member has a reciprocal sense of commitment to each of the other group members. This commitment to each other's success is engendered by the knowledge that the same commitment is shared by all the members of the cohort. This facet of Lifelines is, in itself unique. The result is a long lasting relationship shared by women who seek more than a superficial mentorship." -Dr. Teresa Danile, Danile & Danile LLP