AWSCPA Firm & Company Services

Save time and money by signing up for consolidated billing and discounted membership for all of your company's women CPAs!

Number of Woman CPAs* per Office Cost of Annual Firm Membership**
3 to 5 $110 per person
6 to 10 $100 per person
11 to 20 $90 per person
21 to 50 $80 per person
51 to 100 $70 per person
101+ $60 per person

For each office location, the women CPAs in your firm will receive all the benefits of AWSCPA membership, including:

Lifelines Program: Our new national Lifelines program is a cross between a traditional mentoring relationship and a mastermind group. The groups will be virtual, allowing you to interact with other women across the US by means of video conferencing. The program is free and available only to members!

Networking:  AWSCPA offers various networking opportunities for your women to meet new contacts in your area and develop their networking skills.

CPE: AWSCPA is a NASBA & TSBPA CPE provider. Your Firm can host or participate in regional and local CPE events.

Discounts: AWSCPA members get discounts from partner organizations like Wiley CPAexcel. Members receive a discount of $360 on Wiley CPAexcel’s Gold Medal video course.

And more!

* CPA count is based on a per location/ office. Women pursuing CPA designation are also eligible for membership. These women can be included in the membership at the discretion of each firm location.

Membership is based on the individual woman. Additional women may be added on mid-year at the prorated amount based on your original per person rate for that year. Since the individual is the member, departing women retain their membership for the remainder of the paid non-refundable period, but will be removed at the next annual billing cycle. 

** AWSCPA Local Affiliate dues, if selected, are in addition to these dues.

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