This year’s recipient of the AWSCPA Public Service Award is Lynn Britt. Marcie Bour nominated Lynn for her dedication to giving back to her communities. Starting as a teenager and continuing throughout her professional career, Lynn has shaped a history of volunteering her time and talents to the various communities in which she is involved.

Lynn became a CPA in 1980. She founded Britt & Company in 1986 and went back to school to earn a law degree shortly after. During her first year of law school she took on a forensic case as CPA which shaped the rest of her career. After finishing law school, Lynn made the decision to continue her practice as a CPA providing forensic services in mostly matrimonial cases. She is a compassionate and competent advisor, serving as an expert in her field.

Once established in her career, Lynn looked for outlets to get more involved within the community. She became involved with the Mental Health Association of Broward County. She was asked to use her accounting skills to assist the association and Lynn jumped in setting up their first accounting system and helped them with a conversion years later. Since then she has held various board positions with the Mental Health Association of Broward County, including Board Chair from 2008 through 2010.

Welter-and-BrittLynn has also been an active member in a number of professional organizations, including the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, North Dade South Broward Chapter on its Board, the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar on the Support Issues Committee and the Litigation Support Committee. Between 2009 and 2012, Lynn served in a Bar Grievance Committee for the Florida Bar. She participates in the local Bar Association and has taken an active role in the Broward County Matrimonial Lawyers Association for the past 15 years, recently coordinating an accountant speaker series at the lunch meetings.

In the past year, Lynn has become involved in the campaign to reform the alimony and child support laws in Florida. For years, the Florida State Legislature has considered revising and updating the laws governing alimony and child support. In 2013, the legislature was seriously considering bills which would dramatically change the structure of support payments. The proposed changes would have unfairly impacted mostly women and would have undermined the family unit.

Lynn passionately believes that it is critical to educate as many people as possible on the impact of the proposed legislation so that people can make their voices heard. She started on a mission to educate everyone that she could on the impact of this proposed legislation. This included email campaigns and speaking engagements to interested groups. She went to Tallahassee to testify for the Senate Rules Committee, which had just had passed an amendment to their bill regarding the calculation of support. After Ms. Britt’s testimony, they retracted the amendment to their bill. In the end, Governor Scott of Florida vetoed the bill which had been passed by the legislature. She has worked since then with members of the Florida Bar Committee to draft possible alternative legislation for alimony reform in Florida. Lynn’s efforts were recognized when she received the Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service and Efforts on Behalf of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar.