awardsIndividual Accomplishment Awards

The AWSCPA Awards recognize women and other professionals across the country who have demonstrated leadership, integrity, sacrifice and accomplishment in furthering the advancement of women in accounting and exemplifying the highest ideals of the accounting profession. The awards reach out to women in various segments of the accounting community, including public accounting, industry, government, non–profit and academia.


Click here to nominate someone for a 2016 AWSCPA Award (see descriptions of the individual awards below). Nominations are due by May 31, 2016.

Past Award Winners

2015 Winnie Westcott
(Press Release)
2014 Teresa Danile
(Press Release)
2013 Jan Taylor Morris, Ph.D., CPA
(Press Release)
2012 Dr. Martha Eining, CPA
2011 Dr. Sandra (Sandy) B. Richtermeyer, CMA, CPA
(Press Release)
2009 Marci Leigh Butterfield
2007 Dr. Sharon Lightner
2006 Dr. Susan Sorensen
2005 Dr. Sharon Lassar
(Press Release)
2004 Claude Renshaw
2002 Deborah Turner
2001 Dr. Lucretia Mattson
1999 Linda M. Nichols
1998 Barbara G. Pierce
1997 Teresa D. Thamer
1996 Dr. Marie E. Dubke
1996 Trini U. Melcher
1995 Dr. Karen Hooks
1994 Kathryn Buckne
1993 Nancy Tang
1992 Karen Pincus

2016 Melody Feniks
(Press Release)

2015 Jan Phipps
(Press Release)
2014 Stacy Stelzriede
(Press Release)
2013 Leslie Seidman, CPA
(Press Release)
2012 Betsy Rafael
2011 Mary F. Cheaney, CPA
(Press Release)
2010 Kristine (Tina) Caratan
(Press Release)
2009 Johanna Nielsen
2008 Kristi Biondo
(Press Release)
2007 Leslie Murphy
2006 Kim Wallin
2005 Linda Bergen
2004 Olivia Kirtley
2003 Kathy Hannan
(Press Release)
2001 Deborah Sessions
2000 Shelly S. Stein
1998 Nancy M. Heimer
1997 Carrie L Clay
1996 Nancy J. Fuhr
1995 Theresa J. Drew
1994 Shirley Dahl Cheramy

2015 Louise Schorn Smith
(Press Release)
2014 Ester Phahla
(Press Release)
2013 The Houston office of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
(Press Release)
2012 The Seattle office of Moss Adams, LLP
2011 McGladrey
(Press Release)

2016 Moss Adams LLP
(Press Release)
2015 CohnReznick
(Press Release)
2014  KPMG
(Press Release)
2013 Moss Adams, LLP
(Press Release)
2012 Deloitte LLC
2011 Watkins Meegan
(Press Release)

2014 Yasmine El Ramly
(Press Release)
2013 Wendy S. Lewis, CPA
(Press Release)
2012 Alexandra L. Miller
2011 Linda B. Bergen, CPA
(Press Release)

2013 Nancy Calderon, CPA
(Press Release)
2012 Jill Briggs
2011 Wendy S. Lewis
(Press Release)
2010 Perpetual Manatse
2009 Dian Garnick
2008 Mary Ross
2007 Sandra Weiner
2006 Donna Finch
2004 Brenda Banks
2000 Lourdes Farinas
2000 Celida Hernandez

2016 Mary Kay Griifin
(Press Release)

2015 Tricia Wilson
(Press Release)
2014 Lynn Britt
(Press Release)
2013 Marcie Bour, CPA
(Press Release)
2007 Lori A. Greenawalt
2006 Bonnie Mackey
2004 Corinne Pleger
2000 Lori Ann Kuntz
1999 Mary F. Cheaney
1998 Karen L. Katzbeck
1997 Terry Santini
1996 Sandi Smith
1995 Kathryn J. Whitmire
1994 Kim A. Lamplough
1993 Graciela L. Miller
1992 Melinda M. Harper
1991 Peg Cartier
1990 Cynthia Pain Morris
1989 Trini U. Melcher
1988 Ellen Pearre Cason
1987 Mary Scout
1986 Dr. Elise G. Jancura
1985 Marilynne Keyser
1984 Kathryn N. Whitmire
1983 Dorothea Watson
1982 Marguerite Reimers
1981 Carole Ann Gibbs
1980 Shirley B. Schleimer
1979 Mary Craig
1978 Glenda M. Bayless
1977 Johnnie L. Clark
1976 Helen F. McGillicuddy
1975 Mary Jo McCann
1974 Hazel J. Skog
1973 Geraldine A. Bennett
1972 Mary Louise Jonst
1971 Margaret E. Lauer

Individual awards presented in the past have also included the following:

Literary Award
1993 Sarah A. Reed
1992 Deborah Turner
1991 Sarah A. Reed
1990 Dr. Karen Hooks
1989 Kay W. Tatum
1988 Deborah Turner
1987 Dr. Sylvia Madeo
1985 Dr. Sylvia Madeo
1984 Wanda Wallace

Award of Honor
1995 J. Michael Cook

A message from our 2013 Woman CPA of the Year, 2010-2013 FASB Chairman Leslie Seidman:

A message from our 2013 Woman of Courage, Nancy Calderon: